On-the-Water Events

We are coordinating our cruises with other local area boating groups, since many of our members belong to more than one group.   In addition to the cruises listed below, there are several extended length cruisesat which we are welcomed to join. Their websites, where you can view their cruise schedules, can be found at the tab Links/Useful.

Cruise details include: dates, coordinator’s email address, applicable dock fees,.  You can access these event details, by clicking on the following or by going to the appropriate date on our website calendar and clicking on the event.

Take a Friend

Invite a friend to sail with you. In very general terms, a fourth of our members own a powerboat and another fourth own a sailboat.  So regardless whether you are power boating or you are sailing, three fourths of our membership do not have that capability, and might enjoy being asked to join you.


Sign-up Deadline

We expect members to sign up at least three days prior to the event. This is the minimum amount of time necessary for the cruise captain to plan.


Cancellation by eMail

We want to be on the water but there are times we might have to cancel a trip, due to inclement weather or insufficient participation.