Royal Clipper April 23, 2018 Cruise from Lisbon to Cannes is Filling Quickly


USPS members recently completed a fantastic river cruise down the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam. Although an agenda packed tour, we found time to discuss a 12-night cruise of the Western Mediterranean aboard the Royal Clipper. This cruise is described in two parts: Lisbon to Malaga and Malaga to Cannes . Although almost a year away, the cabins are quickly being bought up (e.g., only 5 deluxe suites, no Category 1 cabins available)..

We therefor have scheduled the.April 23, 2018 Lisbon Portugal to Cannes France cruise. The Mediterrian is hot and tourist filled in June and July, so this should be a good date. . High Country Travel & Tours has again gotten us a great group discount (they planned our river cruise), As before we will be planning optional days/tours in Lisbon before our sailing.I encourage you to reserve your cabin now, while cabins are still available. Although this requires a $400 per person deposit, it is fully refundable up to January 15, 2018.

  • Cabin pricing and availability is provided in the High Country Travel & Tours flyer.
  • Royal Clipper cabin position will help you select cabin category.
    • There is less difference between category 2 & 3 than on the smaller barkentines.
    • If you have sailed on Star Clippers before you are entitled to a 3% discount off listed prices.
    • Categories 4, 5 & 6 not available at this group rate.
    • Cabin triangles designate a third bunk.
  • This web link describes port-of-call cruises. Although not updated for 2018 it will be essentially the same.
  • The at sea rendezvous with the Royal Clipper is part of our Caribbean Cruise video.
  • If you want to join us or need additional information email to