Our Past Commanders

1960 - 1979
Year Name
1960 Donald L McKamy, SN
1961 John W Donnelly, JN
1962 Henry G Philips, AP
1963 William L McDonald, S
1964 Samuel J Hodges, AP
1965 Hall C Akerly, S
1966 James E Milligan, AP
1967 James C Lombard, S
1968 Robert D Darden, S
1969 Robert W Kost, Jr, AP
1970 Cliff Forrest, S
1971 Floyd M Quisenberry, SN
1972-73 Charles C Neill, AP
1974 William E Reasons, SN
1975 Asa B Dail, AP
1976-77 Todd P Somers, S
1978-79 M Gerald Leeson, AP
1980 - 1999
Year Name
1980 James H King, Jr, AP
1981 Francis M Mormile, S
1982-83 Elmer E Henry, N
1984-85 John H Loomis, AP
1986 Robert C Ford, JN
1987 Rufus W Miller, AP
1988 James R Courtright, SN
1989 Chester A Hammann, AP
1990-91 Mario J Torreti, JN
1992 June D Reasons, P
1993 Bruce S Ott, AP
1994 Alexander Kish, Jr, AP
1995 Charles S Tittle, SN
1996 James R Braddick, SN
1997 William B Otis, Jr, SN
1998 Donald E Pollock, SN
1999 Laurence McNellis, AP
2000 - Current
Year Name
2000 Howard Barrett, JN
2001 Irving Van Slyke, Jr, AP
2002 Charles G Rathsam, AP
2003 Donald D Taylor, AP
2004 Robert L Cowardin, AP
2005-06 Newton A Collyar, JN
2007 Donald F Oltz, AP
2008 Michael D McCulley, JN
2009 Owen R Smith, AP
2009 Irving Van Slyke, Jr, AP
2010-11 Richard J Tobacco, JN
2012 James H Starr, JN
2013 Lloyd A Moore, JN
2013 K Wayne Fretwell, P
2015 Michael D McCulley, JN
2016 James H Reynolds. P
2017 Lloyd A Moore, JN

Pictured is Donald McKamy - the first commander of Cape Lookout Power Squadron.Past Commanders

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